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Pixel IPhone 5 Case - Pink Zoom

Pixel IPhone 5 Case - Pink

Why not pixel your Valentines message to your friend, bestie or loved one on this fab Iphone 5 case.

Unique iPhone 5 case with a silicone panel sized 8 x 16 T-shaped pixel points. That means you have 128 positions to express your ideas. This silicone case is made in a way that the iPhone 5 fits in precisely in order to protect the iPhone. The case doesn't cover the loudspeaker switch, the headphones connection or the recharge connection, so you don't have to remove the case when recharging your phone. The case is anti-slid and is comfortable to hold. Together with the case you also get a pack of 60 pixels for free.

Dimmensions (W × H × D cm) 6.2 × 12.7 × 1.4
Material Silicone
Color No
Number of dots (W × H) 8 × 16
Pixel chips size Small
Pixel chips included Mix of 55-60 small pixel chips

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